"Everyone who learns an instrument should sing first. Singing, independent of an instrument, is the real and profound schooling of musical abilities." Zoltán Kodály 




Registrations for Avonhead School students for 2020 classes.  Please go to 'Studio Policy' above, then hover and click on 'Registration'. 

NB:  Tip for when filling in the registration: Select your child's birth date by using the calendar on the side to ensure it is accurate!   Waiting List May Apply in some year groups. 


**   Welcoming students from Year 2-Year 8 who are attending Avonhead School. New Beginners in all age groups welcome. Children currently in New Entrants/Year 1 may now apply for 2020 and will be placed on the Waiting List. :)

Love to sing and want to develop your talent more?

Can’t sing but would really love to give it a shot?

Elizabeth Eason (aka the 'JellyBean Queen' or the JBQ!) is a contemporary vocal coach and trained primary school teacher who works specifically with young singers.


JellyBean Singers offers small group 'music-through-singing' lessons to students attending Avonhead School. Classes are held during the school hours of 11.15-3.00.

The JellyBeans programme offers the teaching of vocal and performance skills enabling:

Children to use their voices safely and effectively
Growth in confidence
The fostering of talent
Development of total musicianship skills (i.e. sight reading, rhythm, ear training)
Extension of children who would benefit from growth outside the standard school curriculum
Your child's creativity and gives them a chance to 'shine'!

A holistic approach of teaching music through movement, contemporary singing, music theory and musical theatre.


Junior JellyBeans (Year 2.):  

Helping children to:

Find their singing voices
Explore their voices
Learn the language of music
Build confidence

A programme (based on Kodaly principles) providing a strong foundation of musical skills, based on (but not exclusively) playground rhymes and songs and singing games, as the children deepen their understanding of musical elements including pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo.

Don't be surprised if your Junior JellyBean learns to read while learning his/her lyrics and moving to the beat!  Many core words are included in their new songs and many children just learn better when they are moving!
Excellent for children who do not have English as their first language too.


JellyBeans (Year 3-Year 6): 

How to ready the voice to sing
Posture and breath management
Safe warm-up exercises
Gain pitch security
Extend your range
Learning to read and understand musical notation

Continuing to build confidence

We begin to use 'solfa' a seven note scale as a way of increasing our pitch accuracy as we learn the intervals (spaces) between notes.
Musicianship training (including 'sight singing') we begin using the 'Go for Bronze' material published by the National Youth Choir of Scotland. 

Preparation for auditions.  Support given to those in Year 5-8 applying for the Christchurch Festival 'Special Choir'.  Please inquire if your child has external auditions and would like further private tuition for a specific audition.

JB Senior Singers (Year 7-8):

A time of change for many students as they often discover a love for music on their own terms. 

The important elements of good singing posture and efficient breath management for singing continue to be reinforced as the children explore and develop their talents and gain confidence through contemporary singing and musical theatre.

The children continue their musicianship training including 'sight singing' and further technical exercises. 

For all children:  Always the aim is to create sound habits, develop confidence as a vocalist and performer, foster talent and most of all to enjoy singing!



* A note to music teachers:  For those looking to set up their own web page and manage their students please click on the below 'Music Teachers Helper link'.